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God, I miss this show.

My partner and I’s final project in 3DPREP class. It took us 3 straight days to finish rendering everything. Characters, props and environment are based on the movie “Coraline”.

Here’s a closer look at the Pink Palace:





Calendar designs for Typography class

Everything was hand-lettered except the days and numbers. I’m planning to do the rest of the months soon.

Illustration for one of the posters of our “library cafe business”

Finally posting artworks again after a grueling finals week!


This about sums up the night. Cheers to you, Breaking Bad.

I’m so proud of Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Anna Gunn, Vince Gilligan and the whole Breaking Bad team. Well-deserved awards for one of the best, if not the best tv series ever made. Not to mention it’s in the Guinness World Records as the highest rated tv series.

Even though the show has ended already, our casual family conversation about it hasn’t ended yet (and will probably never end). Aaron Paul’s speech made me a bit teary eyed earlier when he said that he misses Jesse Pinkman. I miss him too, and also Walter White, Skyler, Walter Jr., Hank, Marie, Mike, Gus, Saul and all the other characters.

I had the best TV experience watching this show. I wish I had watched it already when it premiered 6 years ago so I could’ve had something to look forward to every year. Although, I was only 14 then so I don’t think it was appropriate to watch a show about meth and all those “bitches” and “yo’s”.

I hope this is not the last award show that I will see Bryan and Aaron together. Here’s to more awards and great tv shows! And I honestly cannot wait for the BrBa spinoff “Better Call Saul”!

Also, congratulations to the whole Sherlock team who were probably as shocked as I was! Finally, Sherlock and John got some recognition for their talent. Season 4 please?!

Anyway, this is one of the best birthday gifts ever!